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Dr Pepper Ten: Bold Country
Bold Country is a magical place that exists somewhere between the Mountains of Sierra Nevada and 1976. A place where man has the freedom to hang out with animals, rarely bathe and enjoy all the bold flavor of Dr Pepper, but with only 10 Calories. Taste the Bold Country, brothers.
/1 Romeo Santos
From writing songs in his bedroom to selling out major arenas, Romeo Santos has come a long way. Known as the King of Bachata for his modernization and evolution of that genre, he is truly one of a kind. Dr Pepper. Always One of a Kind.
/1 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
From small stages in Seattle to selling out arenas, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis have come a long way. And they've done it on their own terms. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis truly are one of a kind.
/1 Michelle Phan
How do you get from waitress to beauty mogul? If you're Michelle Phan, you start with YouTube. Diet Dr Pepper. Always One of a Kind.
/1 Anthem
What's it take to be one of a kind? It's hard to put your finger on it. Could be a lot of things. Truth is, you know it when you see it. Here's to being one of a kind. Dr Pepper & Diet Dr Pepper. Always One of a kind.
/1 Fan Justin Tucker
This one of a kind talent shines in the opera house and on the field.
College Tuition Winner
Dr Pepper surprises one lucky Tuition finalist with a check and a chance to compete for $100k!
How will you make an impact?
Dr Pepper wants to help. We're giving away more than $1,000,000 in tuition to students across the country.
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